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Vote for MiG in the BroadwayWorld Awards

Posted on November 7, 2012 by Team MiG

MiG is in the running as Best Featured Actor (Musical) for his role as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages – Manila. Let’s get out the vote and put MiG at the top! Vote today!

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Join the MiG Conversation

Posted on March 1, 0201 by Team MiG

MiG has a way of bringing people together…through music and his personality. He appeals to people of all ages, male and female, from all walks of life. He has made a positive impact on people from all over the world. Whether you’re a member of Team MiG, a visitor, or family or friend of MiG, this is a place you can be a part of the MiG community. Answer the poll question (scroll down on the right side of this page), post your MiG & Me story, or just check out the site.

How do you know about MiG or Team MiG? What would you like to see on this site? Leave a comment on this blog and tell us.

Photo by Cammy D.

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MiG and Me

Whether someone just met MiG or has known him for years, MiG makes a big impression. Share your story of how you know MiG, and why his music, talent, or personality have been meaningful to you. To submit your story, just go to the Contact page and complete the short form. To upload a photo, simply scroll down on this Community page to Upload a Photo and click on Add a Photo (please note that stories and photos will be approved prior to posting).

  • MiG is Beautiful, Inside and Out

    by Edelveiss – Manila, Philippines

    I never thought I would have the privilege of meeting MiG Ayesa in person. When the opportunity came for a Meet and Greet, I knew I shouldn’t let it pass. On the 15th of November 2005, our group met MiG and got the chance to spend time with him. He gifted me with his autograph that says, “You are my first.” He meant that I was the first person named Edelveiss whom he has met. I was glowing and floating in cloud nine – one of my life’s precious moments. (more…)

  • The Time MiG Gives Makes Him Great

    by Billy – New York, U.S.A.

    Billy and MiG joking around

    The thing that I most like about MiG is how he treats his fans. While his talent speaks for itself through theater and song, the time he spends with us is what makes him great. After shows, he could simply say hello and move on and that would be his right. He always stopped, signed autographs (more…)

  • MiG is an Inspiration

    by Darryl Beaton – Sydney, Australia

    Not even a flood can stop MiG and Darryl from performing

    MiG is my childs Godfather…

    It had to be him, he’s kind hearted, thoughtful and joyous!

    I have had many, many adventures with this man and he is an inspiration to all who cross his path, including me.

    MiG is rare, he doesn’t gossip, he doesn’t whine and is supremely respectful.

    I’ve never seen him even close to upset and we lived together for years!

    He tirelessly works to share his gift with the world and I have been proud to stand next to him and look out at a sea of smiles when he opens his mouth and heart to sing…

    Frankly I love him, most people do!!

    We miss him like crazy, so you yanks make sure you treat him right and appreciate my brother!!

    Big love,

  • Special Artist, Special Person

    by Mary Beth – Ohio, U.S.A.

    After seeing MiG in Rockstar: INXS, I admired him and his talent so much. Never before had I been inspired enough by a person to pick up a phone and vote in a competition. Afterward I hoped to see him in concert someday and buy his music. How was I to know that would come true for me and so much more?  My turn to meet MiG came in 2006 when the stars from Rockstar: INXS were touring to promote Rockstar: Supernova. (more…)

  • MiG for President!

    by Mike Clifford – New York City, U.S.A.

    I met MiG while playing at a  benefit show for victims of the flooding in Australia in an Aussie bar called  8 Mile Creek in NYC about 3 years ago. Since then we’ve done countless shows together, recorded some tunes, and had a grand old time getting to know each other better.  MiG is not only one of the most talented people I know, he’s genuine, generous, and hysterical.  I feel proud to call him a friend of mine. MiG for President!

  • From Bad Weather to Good Times

    by Christina – New York, U.S.A.

    I came to know MiG through Tony Vincent…haha. I read a biography of him and was very interested and curious to see his performance.  The first time I met MiG was at The Philippine Celebration in Jersey City
    on June 9th, 2008.  The weather was bad that day and his performance was cancelled. I was happy and thrilled to meet him. I continued to see many of his performances at 8 Mile Creek. (more…)

  • A Grounded, Caring Celebrity

    by Michelle – Illinois, U.S.A.

    Michelle and MiG

    The first time I met MiG was August 9, 2011 at Stage Door for Rock of Ages. While I first learned of MiG through RockStar: INXS, I never imagined that he remained in the States after the show, so I didn’t realize everything he had done since concluding RS: INXS to present day. When I knew I was going to NYC, I knew I wanted to go to a Broadway show. To help me decide for which show to try and get tickets, I looked to see who was performing in the shows. As soon as I clicked on the ROA cast listing and saw his name, I immediately knew who he was, and also knew that he sealed the deal for me – Rock of Ages it was! (more…)

  • MiG’s Special Effect

    by Gee – Ontario, Canada

    It was like standing in front of a life-sized TV screen when the glass shatters and falls away as the ‘real deal’ looks back at you with a big grin and an outstretched hand.  All in one breath, I said, ‘Hi, I’m Gee and I am the co-editor of the MiGNation Telegraph News Letter for Team MiG Ayesa dot com!’  It was about all could manage for a moment or two. (more…)

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